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Automatic Rebound Aabdominal Wheel

Automatic Rebound Aabdominal Wheel

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šŸ”„The Fitness Sculpting ---- Ab Roller can be used to shred fat and help you get in shape.Ā Make your fitness more efficient.


šŸ”„Auto Rebound Abdominal Wheel----Ā Double spring strong rebound design enhances strengthĀ and definition of abdominal muscles, back, arms, chest and shoulder muscles.

šŸ”„High-quality material ----Ā the sponge handle is non-slip, sweat-absorbing and comfortable.Ā The rollers are spring loaded for added safety. The handle is easy to remove or install, making it more convenient to carry.


šŸ”„Safe movement ----Ā stable and safe, load-bearing 202kg.Ā Great for home, gym or office! More Efficient It also helps burn calories for a better figure.

šŸ”„BEST PARTNER FOR FITNESS LOVERS----Ā This exercise roller can not only exercise abs and burn fat. As a versatile roller, this makes aĀ great birthday, holiday, or anniversary gift.Ā Perfect for friends, family and colleagues.

Product Description

  • Color:Red and black
  • Material:Rubber
  • Item Weight:1200 Ā grams
  • Maximum Weight Recommendationļ¼š500 Kilograms
  • Product featuresļ¼šĀ intelligent rebound of safety brake
  • Product Typeļ¼š double wheel AB Rocket
  • Product featuresĀ ļ¼šslimming and abdominal health

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